If I had to choose what I enjoy most out of eating, travelling and writing, it would be quite a significant struggle – I am helplessly passionate about all three. I know I’m super late to the blogging party, but it only recently struck me that a blog could be the perfect way for me to make them work together. My Instagram page has been growing steadily – albeit quite accidentally – mostly due to my embarrassingly frequent food outings (and awkward stand-on-the-table-for-the-aerial-shot tendencies). I often find, however, that I also want to offload some reflections from each adventure into longer captions than anyone’s attention span should have to tolerate – Instagram isn’t exactly about the quality reading content, after all!

My shameless snap happiness is more than satisfied, but where to channel all the accompanying over-enthusiastic brain eruptions? Particularly since my recent move from the corporate world into small business and the corresponding (very flattering) invitations to speak or write about the experience, family and friends often ask why I don’t just “hurry up and start a blog already”. Finally, it dawned on me that I actually have no reason not to. So as much as I dislike bandwagons (although my curiosity always wins in the end – case in point), I guess I’m jumping on the blogger bandwagon.

My previous job allowed very little spare time or mental space for voluntary creative writing. I started off as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer in a big commercial firm. Now, having moved into our new business full time, I am lucky to enjoy much more flexibility to make my own time. That transition in itself is something to write about (already got my next blog post planned – winning!) I’ve also been a ballerina, a promo girl, a waitress, climbed Himalayan mountains, crossed Australian deserts, volunteered in soup kitchens, taught in schools in Africa, worked on Obama’s re-election campaign, speak several languages, play several instruments, love yoga, dance and sport, the list goes on…

I do/have done/think about/enjoy so many different things that it’s impossible to pick one unifying theme (although food is a pretty dominant guest star on the Sarah show). That’s why I went with the name, Spoonful of Sarah, as I couldn’t come up with any other name that reflected all the different parts of my personality (plus I love alliteration – you’ll discover that very quickly). Even if no one reads this, I am already enjoying writing it. I’m also a massive rambler that tends to write exactly how I speak (which is in a super excitable, very fast, hysterically happy way). So if nothing else, my readers (if any) are in for some entertainment value at my seriously dorktastic nature. Welcome to my world!

Photo credit: Valerie Bong. Hair and make-up: Tre Dallas.

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