For a couple who a) live together; b) work together; and c) love everything related to photography, there aren’t actually a lot of photos of Nic and I (especially not lovely, candid, professional ones – family snaps by Mum of mid-birthday-cake-eating don’t really count). So, when our wonderful friends, Lyndel and Daniel, proposed a little Valentine’s Day adventure together to shoot some content for their amazing project, Lost in Love Photography, we were the keenest beans in town.

Having wanted to shoot with these clever cookies for quite a while, it was so exciting to be able to spend a day adventuring with them to our favourite places while they somehow captured some special, spontaneous moments without any of the usual awkward-turtle-ness associated with a couples photoshoot. Loved the snaps so much (yes, totally embracing the 90s romance novel vibes), that I couldn’t help but share some of our favourites. Outfit details included below. Saaaaa romantic!

Jumper: Thurley // Skirt: Ena Pelly

Dress: Thurley

Dress: Thurley

Green: Matcha Maiden (lols)

Dress: Thurley (isn’t it such a princess dress!?)


Check them out at Lost in Love Photography

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