It’s no secret that I’m a fanatical foodie, so I never considered myself a good candidate for juice cleansing. Not only did I misunderstand cleanses to be a pure calorie restricting weight loss tactic, I also simply couldn’t imagine myself surviving a day without collapsing from hunger. It was only when I found myself in the hands of the amazing Nat and Steve Warner of Greene Street Juice that I was able to access the support and education that should accompany all forms of cleansing, fasting and similar healing. From a conversation about my endlessly troublesome and bloated tummy emerged the idea that a juice cleanse could be exactly the break my system needed to reset and rejuvenate.

With proper guidance, carefully curated elixirs and a whole lotta love, I extended my first ever one-day cleanse to a three-day stint and then onto a full five day extravaganza having felt SO good from the experience! (You can see the original blow-by-blow in my older post here). Since then, I went from regular seasonal cleansing to a WEEKLY one day cleanse for regular maintenance. As the most stubborn of the sceptics, I am a total convert and thought I’d share some of the key benefits to anyone else who might be interested or in a similar position as I was back when I first contemplated the idea. The beautiful Nat kindly donated her time to run us through the five main benefits in full detail, so it’s a super informative and insightful chat this time around.

Hopefully, you found this as interesting as I have and can experience the benefits of Greene Street goodness at some stage in your journey. Our little chat was inspired by Greene Street’s SUPER exciting news that they will be opening a second home at Chadstone shopping centre very shortly! HOW EXCITING! So now there are two beautiful venues to go and see what it’s all about or you can book your cleanse in online. Follow @greenestreetjuice to keep up with the cleansing community!

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