5 de-bloat tips from the gut goddess

+ how to make your own matcha water kefir


You’ve probably all heard me talk about my troublesome tummy at one stage or another and my lifelong struggle to de-bloat. Luckily, I am surrounded by some serious health and wellness heavyweights whose wisdom, talents and creations have helped me start to get things under control.

One of these is the beautiful Felicity Evans of Imbibe Water Kefir¬†who I am so grateful to have connected with through the Matcha Maiden journey when she started adding matcha to her beautiful sparkling probiotic water kefir range. Felicity came into my life at a time when I had no idea what kefir was (much less how to say it), but now I’m a daily dose kind of gal and have even started making it myself!

Since a couple of you have also shared your bloating struggles with me, I took the chance during Felicity’s recent visit to Melbs to pick her beautiful brains for some gut goodness tips and pop it in a little video. Since she was also teaching me how to make my own Matcha Maiden water kefir, I figured I might as well share that as well. Felicity has very generously shared her full e-book with more details and the full recipe for you, which you can find here. Hope you enjoy!



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