It’s that time of year when we all suddenly realise December has crept up on us as if we haven’t had an acceptable amount of notice. I, personally, still haven’t gotten used to writing “2017” yet so how could it almost be over? So, the realisation that Christmas is upon us sinks in and we get ourselves in a crazy flap about the non-existent amount of time we have to organise thoughtful, useful, and affordable gifts for everyone…. UNTIL I stumbled upon this year’s Christmas Collection by The Body Shop and found a range of presents of all sizes that are perfect not only in their contents but also in their conscience

Christmas shopping, while one of my favourite parts of the festive season, is of its nature quite materialistic and indulgent. But this year, The Body Shop has backed its luxurious gift range with a conscious Christmas theme and has teamed up with International Alert to help refugee children be children again. All gift purchases help refugee children affected by war to play in a safe place bringing positivity and lightness into their lives.Through play, these children can explore and express difficult emotions, make sense of their experiences and learn how to interact more positively. These therapeutic activities will take place in safe-haven community centres, away from the weight and pressures that they face day-to-day.

This Christmas collection is even designed with this Play For Peace theme with fun game functions built in to the packaging – so clever! The amazing Ultimate Collection, for example, turns into a spinner! Inside a beautifully presented cylinder gift box contains two iconic body moisturisers, including the lightweight lotion and lusciously thick Body Butter, as well as the most delicate cleansing and fragrance treats. Mine was the Shea flavour, which has always been my favourite Body Shop flavour, but it also comes in all your favourites like Coconut, Strawberry, Moringa and limited edition seasonal flavours. You add the spinner to top, pick a different action for each of the three colours like dance, sing or mime and give the spinner a whirl!

The Premium collection is also as playful as it is pretty with the lid turning into a free the rabbit maze. This also acknowledges the brands philosophy against testing on animals, helping the rabbit to safety. Check out the video below to see some of the games in action!

There are also smaller but still beautifully presented pressies and all supporting the Play for Peace initiative over the festive season. What more could you want in a present?


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