Until recently, I had always thought that premium, luxury skincare on the one hand and natural, organic alternatives on the other hand were mutually exclusive. I have always been quite wellness focused and have increasingly been moving my habits towards non-toxic, chemical free, environmentally conscious options both for my own sustainability and that of the planet. But that was more in the food department, while my skincare lagged behind for fear that going natural meant losing quality, compromising effectiveness or sacrificing that “luxe” feel in branding and experience…

Luckily, thanks to the wisdom and guidance of my dear friend Emmily Banks of Depths of Beauty and also Nat Warner of Greene Street Juice, I realised very quickly how little sense it made to avoid chemicals and toxins orally but still smother my largest organ, the skin, with the same nasties. Sounds obvious, but took a while for the penny to drop plus I was reluctant to move away from the brands in my routine. But Emmily was kind enough to introduce me to the increasing number of brands that have struck that perfect beauty balance between purity and performance to help me migrate over to the bright side. The first of those was Edible Beauty whose name speaks for itself really – beauty that is so natural, you can practically eat it!

I realised very quickly how little sense it made to avoid chemicals and toxins orally but still smother my largest organ, the skin, with the same nasties.

I’ve since become a regular Edible Beauty customer, experiencing more and more products in their beautiful range. The first product I ever tried was the No 3. Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum which forms part of the Core Four products and I’ve since become hooked on the full regime:

  • No 1. Belle Frais Cleansing Milk
  • No 2. Citrus Rhapsody Toner Mist
  • No 3. Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum
  • No 4. Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion

I love their philosophy of illuminating your natural beauty using pure, wildcrafted and botanical ingredients that are literally good enough to eat plus the packaging and branding is absolutely stunning. As an avid traveller, one thing I often struggle with though is taking full sized bottles of everything with me so I was super excited when they released Edible Beauty on the Fly – travel size minis of all Core Four products for a toxin-free skincare routine. So convenient!

I’ve also become a bit more adventurous in my beauty regime (which used to be very basic and low maintenance) now that there are so many more natural and organic options on the market. I’ve not traditionally used illuminator but Edible Beauty’s new limited edition Luminous Angel Drops literally make me feel like an angel. Dat GLOW! They’re actually made with real Tourlamine crystal to create a natural iridescent effect and impart light to the face for a radiant glow – perfect for the festive season for that extra shine, I haven’t stopped using it!

Even the bottles are a special material called Miron glass which is actually a deep violet colour and filters light to keep the products fresh without preservatives. So excited to have discovered the brand and am delighted to have a sneaky code for you all to try it too:

Use SSEB25 for a 25% discount

I have also been promising the full “natural revolution” beauty and lifestyle post for so long, and still haven’t gotten it out but I promise it’s coming soon now that I’m on a roll! Highly recommend you get started with the wonderful Edible Beauty range!


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