You’ve all heard me ramble on about the importance of looking after your skin and the results you can achieve with beautiful, natural skincare without added toxins, chemicals and other nasties. I love trying out new things, especially Aussie founded brands, and have been giving my skin some natural nurturing with the luscious MERE range.

Just like anything in life, I find that you get out what you put in when it comes to your skin and I have long since considered taking care of my skin a worthy investment (unlike my reckless teenage years that now make me shudder!) I always have on rotation a good cleanser, hydrating moisturiser and have recently discovered the joys of oils and serums for that extra plumpness and glow.

MERE’s range includes all three of these in its range harnessing the overwhelming power of nature combined with science and biotechnology to create clean, high performance products (plus the packaging is is glorious). The products I’ve been trialling recently are:

  • Bio-divergent cleansing oil complex: I’ve been starting off the morning and evening skin routine with this cleansing oil that is so well suited for my sensitive skin and glides onto the skin to remove impurities without the harsher friction of some other forms of cleanser like gel or textured creams. It also dissolves make up at the same time, which I find a godsend at the end of the day! Plus, it smells divine combining, among other things, rosehip oil packed with anti-aging omegas, seabuckthorn oil and camellia oil leaving the skin with that luscious, dewy look.
  • Elemental 360 Cell Active Face cream: Especially as the season changes and the weather is cooling down, my facial skin needs a lot of hydration and love. You can build this cream in layers to suit your own skin’s hydration needs and it makes the perfect primer as a base for your skin routine. It draws on a combination of natural ingredients including hyaluronic acid to hydrate and nourish the skin while also protecting it from the elements. I find it quite light on the skin so it doesn’t clog your pores and breathes well in the process.
  • Resilience and Bio-Illuminating Revival Oil: This is my favourite, especially since my newfound obsession for oils and serums. I find adding an oil to my skin routine is how I really get that glowing look and this one is light, aromatic and non-greasy so feels delightful on the skin. It’s packed with nutrient rich ingredients and botanical oils like rosehip oil (again – one of my favourites), argan oil, prickly pear oil and kukui oil that seep into the skin boosting and protecting it. There’s something about a revival oil that feels luxurious and pampering!

So far, my skin is responding really well feeling hydrated, plump and dewy without feeling blocked or heavy. There are other beautiful products in the range too such as masks and eye cream as well.

Check out the Mere Phytosphere range here!

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