Sarah Hamilton // The (Sand and) Sky’s the limit

What a wonderful week it’s been, beautiful people, if you haven’t already seen we started a Seize the Yay facebook community last week and it is already brining me SO much joy every day. Thank you to the 200 of you who have already joined and started sharing the little things that make you smile. It’s also a lovely place to be able to leave any feedback or further questions for our guests that I can pass on and I’ll also share any new events or products there first so if you want to join, I’ll pop a link in the show notes.

Remember it takes so little to make someone else’s day brighter, so why not try do it everyday. Little sneaky shout out before we start to Miah, Al, Jill and Alisha, four beautiful listeners who made MY day last week when they came over at a friend’s birthday to say hello and sang the WHOLE seize the yay sing off by heart. NOTHING brings me more joy than to meet you listeners and hear how you’re seizing your yay so don’t hesitate to share or reach out, it means the world! Because you’re not there when we record I always forget people are actually listening so I love being reminded, thank you so much ladies!

Back to today’s episode, we’ve got a double dose of Sarah for you with the delightful Sarah Hamilton, co-founder of Bella box and more recently Sand and Sky. Bella box is Australia’s largest sampling service bringing 10s of thousands of subscribers the latest of everything trending in beauty. Sand and Sky is the original Australian pink clay mask that has gone viral tightenting pores all over the globe and showcasing Australian natural botanicals to the world.

You’ve probably seen me ramble on about both before as I’ve been a long time customer and admirer of Sarah and her twin Emily since many years ago when we first met at a speaking gig. From working the grill at McDonald’s to a career in finance overseas, I love that Sarah’s greatest successes weren’t even a blip on the radar until her 30s proving again that your way to yay is not only NOT linear but also not predictable. As always, there’s many a chuckle and I hope you enjoy our chat as much as we did.




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