Shelley Laslett // Seize the Vitae! (Neuro)plastic surgery and the beauty of our brain

I know I say this all the time and let’s be real, it would be impossible for me to ever choose one sole favourite episode, but I think this one really stands out for how much practical advice my wonderful friend Shelley Laslett generously imparts throughout. While we explore her way to yay and the non-linear nature of the journey like many other episodes, I love this one so much because she demonstrates at the same time why she is so incredibly brilliant at what she does and why she was meant to end up exactly where she has.

While it took her a while to realise it, Shelley was born to be a neuroscience coach and this is a taste of the transformative work she does unlocking your best you, shifting mindsets and backing it up with the hardcore brain science. Honestly, it’s like getting free coaching so get your pens and paper out kids, you’re in for a rollercoaster ride! From politics and philosophy to advising start ups then a Masters of Neuroscience to founding her own coaching business, Vitae, Shelley is among the most articulate people I’ve had the pleasure of speaking too but still never without a good chuckle or two – you’ll hear us have a good laugh over cowboys, cowgirls and the more appropriate cowperson. I hope you take as much out of this as I did,




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