Our beautiful country is on fire and the effects have been widespread and devastating. One of my favourite quotes has come to mind over and over, “if you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way” – even if you don’t see it immediately, we can all do our small bit to help support those who are suffering from the terrible bushfires that have swept the country. It caused such cognitive dissonance to start the year with such excitement and promise for what’s to come while learning that others were starting their year stripped of their homes and livelihood with millions of wildlife and landscape also being destroyed. But now, seeing the country rally together with those from around the world is heartwarming and emotional.

We’ve already sold out of stock through Seize the Yay and Matcha Maiden as well as putting on fundraising items at Matcha Mylkbar. The big project that our dear friend and ultra-marathon runner, Samantha Gash, and Nic have started as their way to contribute their skills is the Relief Run, which just goes to show that a little can go a LONG way. It’s a virtual run that you can do ANYWHERE in the world at any time on January 18th and 19th 2020 with 100% of your registration fees going towards the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery fund. Some of us are choosing to run as a group and community runs are popping up all over the world. It will be set up as a Strava Challenge that you can join to log your time (which is not compulsory of course, but we highly encourage you to join our leaderboard).

I thought I’d collate some of the information all in one spot to make it easier if you’re on the hunt for ways to support.

Big thank you to Stripe for waiving all processing fees so that ALL of your registration fee goes directly to the Red Cross without us bridging the gap financially. And to my partner in yay, The Body Shop, whose North American HQ has agreed to match every Body Shop employee’s registration fee and have spread it widely through their network (along with the many other incredible companies who are getting behind the run).





If you are looking for other information on how you can support, there are so many wonderful ways to offer your help.

For physical donations, our incredible friend Lisa Messenger has coordinated some very specific, actionable lists together with Foodbank who are trucking in supplies.

  • Please see Lisa Messenger’s summaries HERE

  • Please see Foodbank’s page HERE

  • Shop with local businesses donating proceeds HERE.

To support our wildlife, please see further information.

  • Donate to Wildlife Victoria HERE

  • Donate to the Koalas at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital HERE

  • Donate to WIRES Wildlife Rescue Emergency Fund HERE

I’ll be collating more information and trying to make it as helpful and easy as possible shortly.

Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement.

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