Jane Lu // The Lazy CEO and her LMBDWs

Jane Lu // The Lazy CEO and her LMBDWs I hope you all enjoyed last week's double drop of episodes - wish I could release two episodes every week! This week has been a beautiful celebration of women for International Women's Day 2019 - I'm not sure if just it’s me, but...

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Khanh Ong // Seize the Gay

Khanh Ong // Seize the Gay Back again already, beautiful people! Thought I’d squeeze in a bonus episode this week to celebrate MARDI GRAS, so this is the very first SEIZE THE GAY with my dear friend Khanh Ong. You may have already seen his stellar performance in last...

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Stuff you need to start a podcast

As many of you know, I spontaneously started a podcast last year called Seize the Yay as part of my own personal project to do more things that bring me joy and happiness (or, in other words, that make me "yay"). If you've heard any of the episodes before, you'll know...

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