Osher Günsberg // Back, after the break

I’ve been pretty blown away by ALL our guests so far, but I’m truly in awe of this one. I am so grateful to have the legendary Osher Günsberg (aka Andy G, Spidey, Batchie host, etc.) on the show to chat about his new book, Back, After the Break, the accompanying live show, and the heart wrenching story that both tell more candidly than most would expect.

Starting with the more conventional story, there aren’t many Aussies who have had a more successful TV and radio career starting with Channel V, through to Australian Idol and now Australia’s favourite The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. Osher also has an incredible podcast of his own, the Osher Günsberg Podcast, lots of other highly sought after gigs, a family and now of course a book deal.

But what the book has revealed is the tumultuous battle with mental illness and addiction that lies under the effervescent and charismatic demeanour of Osher’s TV persona. From his name change, to rehab, to going plant-based, to becoming a father, it’s a moving and honest memoir that sheds light on the unfortunately still stigmatised issue of mental health and goes a long way to breaking that down. It’s an inspiring example though of how you can find your yay again and I’m so grateful to have had him share so openly and generously in this episode.

It’s a little longer than usual and I could have gone for hours longer, but it’s a ripper with lots of laughs, almost tears, dog woofs and cameo appearances from Nic too. I was so worried about doing his story justice and I hope it’s gone some way to doing that and showing a VERY different perspective of seizing the yay….

Rachael Finch // Body, brains and babies

I know I said this wouldn’t just be about business, health and women (and the coming episodes ensure that) but I am just so lucky to have some incredible business women in wellness around me and Rachael Finch is one of my all-time favourites. This was actually the very first episode I recorded and I couldn’t have picked a more down-to-earth yay-type personality (see what I did there?) than the beautiful Rach to kick us off.

We met when she was MC at my first major speaking gig a few years ago, so she’s talked me through the newbie jitters more than once. She’s not only more beautiful in real life than in photos or social media, but also the warmest, kindest and humble person despite a hugely successful career under her belt. From Miss Universe to business to motherhood, Rach shares her highs, lows and in betweens candidly and with lots of laughs in between.

With legs starting at my shoulders, she is not only a stunning model but also a TV presenter, qualified PT, health coach, published author, savvy business woman with Bod by Finch Activewear and Body by Finch online health and fitness program to her name, she’s also a mother to two beautiful children –  a modern Wonderwoman, right?

Kristina Karlsson // Your dream life starts here

So excited to host another incredible woman who epitomises the “seize the yay” life philosophy, and who shares my great love for motivational quotes and beautiful stationery. Joining us from her motherland in Sweden, our second guest is Kristina Karlsson, founder of my favourite stationery brand, Kikki K.

I was lucky enough to meet Kristina in her Melbourne home (although it would have been lovely to visit the one in Sweden) on International Women’s Day for fika (a Swedish coffee and cake break) and she truly lives and breathes her brand in everything she does. She is insatiably curious and the ultimate dreamer, which she has captured in beautiful Swedish style in her new (and first) book, Your Dream Life Starts Here.

Her philosophy on dreaming is fascinating and the book is filled with practical tips, anecdotes from her impressive network and insights from her own inspiring journey behind the scenes of one of our most beloved Aussie brands. She is celebrating the book release with a series of Dream Life Masterclasses too along with Dr Tererai Trent (Oprah’s favourite guest) and an amazing line up. Details shared below in the show notes. Hope you enjoy our chat!

Lisa Messenger // Losing it all and loving it

What a fabulous person to kickstart the podcast – the woman who not only epitomises the “seize the yay” life philosophy, but who has dedicated her life to helping others do the same. Yep, our first guest is, Lisa Messenger – CEO of Messenger Group, founder of globally acclaimed Collective Magazine, prolific author, inspiring speaker and all-round legend.

When I met her a few years ago, I was completely taken aback by her uncensored, down to earth and crazily passionate nature belying the seriously successful CEO that she is on paper. She hasn’t changed one bit and is all the more inspiring for her openness and authenticity. Her latest book, Risk and Resilience, shares in surprising detail the nitty gritty of her rollercoaster closure of the much-loved Collective Magazine and we caught up to chat a bit more about why the biggest loss in her career has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

If there’s anything I wanted for Seize the Yay, it’s to show some of the less glamorous behind the scenes of finding your “yay” and explore the ups and downs of creating a life you love. Lisa has gotten us off to an amazing start, showing the importance of pivoting, cultivating resilience and finding the silver lining.

Sarah Holloway // Welcome to Seize the Yay

The very first episode of the Seize the Yay podcast giving some context to who I am and what this is all about. If you’ve heard the story already, feel free to jump ahead to the first official interview which will follow in a few days.I roped in my mini-me, Ang Roan, who works across all our businesses and is a dear friend for some casual get-to-know-you banter since I get bored with my own voice after a while so can’t expect you not to!Our Q&A covers not only what Seize the Yay means but also my lawyer to funtrepreneur transition, some of the nitty gritty behind the scenes along the way, being adopted, a special guest appearance from Mama Holloway and lots of laughs in between. Hope you enjoy!

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