The spoonful story…

I wouldn’t say I’m the best candidate for a “short bio” because I’m not only a serial rambler but also an overenthusiastic life lover with too many interests, passions, career changes, personal transformations, lifestyle revelations, adventures, hopes and dreams for one single lifetime. I nonetheless do my very best to squeeze in as much goal-kicking, ground-breaking and memory-making as life permits and I’d say I’m best summed up by my overarching life philosophy – “seize the yay”.

I’m a big fan of puns, almost as much as I love motivational quotes – there’s something about their simplicity and succinctness that really drills a message home (pushing through my otherwise rather short attention span, terrible short term memory and endlessly overactive brain). So, this creative play on “seize the day” and living a “yay all day” life was the perfect fusion of my belief in taking every opportunity and getting the most of life, on the one hand, and finding your happiest you so you can live your happiest life, on the other hand.

As for my journey, I started my professional life as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer at a leading international law firm. I enjoyed several years of invaluable learning, development and even exciting travel opportunities and quite enjoyed pretending my life was as glamorous and high-flying as lawyer life appears in Suits. However, I knew early on that the corporate life didn’t light my fire and wouldn’t be a long-lasting career for me. While my inner geek adored the intellectual gymnastics, the profession and its lifestyle wasn’t easily reconciled with my personal passions for health, wellbeing, nutrition (I’m a fanatical foodie) and creativity.

My chance to “make the jump” popped up sooner than I had imagined, when the “side project” that my partner Nic and I had started as a creative outlet grew itself into a booming business. Out of our own personal frustrations at a gap in the market, we founded organic matcha green tea company, Matcha Maiden, in late 2014. Within six months, we had grown big enough to draw attention from giant US retailer, Urban Outfitters, who placed a recurring order that could only be fulfilled if one of us went full time. I’m a big fan of trusting the universe and, terrifying as it was, I made the jump into the business that day and we’ve never looked back.

Two years later, our beautiful matcha family is still going strong and has taken on a physical embodiment in our trailblazing café, Matcha Mylkbar, co-founded with dear friends, Mark and Attil Filippelli. If you’ve seen any crazy green burgers and blue lattes flooding your social media feeds, that was us! While Spoonful of Sarah initially started out as a personal page (mostly dedicated to my all-too-regular foodie adventures), my shift into the entrepreneurial world was accompanied by some happily accidental profile building, so Spoonful is also now “a thing”. This has added speaking gigs, guest articles, content creation, consulting, and more food frolicking to my repertoire and I wake up every single day pinching myself that this is all real life.

Spoonful of Sarah is now my forum to talk about our entrepreneurial journey from a distance and bang on about how exciting life can be when you grab it by the balls. I have never been happier and never even knew life could be so fulfilling and the scariest part is that I wasn’t even unhappy before. So many of us live without questioning whether we could live better, but life is too short not to enjoy to the fullest. Spoonful is my way to share parts of my journey towards realising my greater potential and hopefully, even if only in the smallest way, to help you do the same.

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