Work, rest and play your way to #lifegoals with the full book!  

I couldn’t have known just how pertinent these chapters on the transformative opportunity in discomfort, resilience through adversity and clearing the slate to rebuild a yay-filled life would be when this book was finally published in September 2020. As the longer form expression of everything the Seize the Yay™ podcast stands for, this book comprises twelve chapters each dedicated to a major facet of seizing your yay to help you break the autopilot circuit you might find yourself on rediscover (or discover for the first time) what brings you joy. 

RRP: $26.95

SEIZE THE YAY™ // #QOTD Flip Book 2

100 NEW quotes to help you say yay! 

It’s been a while coming but, just when we need it most, you can top up your quotivation with the second #QOTD flip book. Following your wonderful feedback on the first one, it was high time for some new material with six new designs!

RRP: $25.95

SEIZE THE YAY™ // #QOTD Flip Book 1

A quote for each day to help you say yay….

Introducing, the first instalment of physical YAY from Spoonful of Sarah bringing her #QOTD segment to a desk near you. Following on from her Seize the Yay™ podcast, this cute little flip book contains 100 beautiful quotes on life with different designs for each day. 

RRP: $24.95

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