I rarely find myself without words, but that’s probably because I poured them all into these pages! THE SEIZE THE YAY BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER and I’m absolutely thrilled/proud/terrified!! People say you write what you need to hear yourself and I’ve experienced every lesson on self-doubt, discomfort, agility, anxiety, relationships, and the evolving journey (rather than static destination) of happiness anew in bringing this book to life. It’s the extensive expression of my philosophy on breaking the autopilot circuit of chasing busy, productivity and success to get back in touch with what truly makes you yay, with mine and many other stories interwoven between.

I hope it brings some or many of you even part of the joy it did for me in writing it (in between all the tanties I chucked) and helps you find your pathYAY in a time where we can all use some words on uncertainty, destiny and positivity. Each and every one of you has played a part In making this happen and I can’t thank you all enough for getting Seize the Yay to where it is today. But special thanks to my amazing husband, Nic, putting up with me through the writing process, teaching me so much of what’s in the book AND taking the cover image (or 28374793 of the options before we settled on this one), my wonderful manager Genevieve Day and her team at Day Management for pitching this idea and always being in our corner, Murdoch Books for being such incredible publishers and the Seize the Yay Facebook YAYBORHOOD who helped get this TRENDING ON BOOKTOPIA in under an hour since launching!

I’ll stop there before I write a book in thank yous alone! It officially comes out on September 1 but you can pre-order now below:

AUS and BZ http://booktopia.kh4ffx.net/yV2d3
INTERNATIONAL https://bit.ly/2YlwmcR

Hope you’re all seizing your yay!

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