As you know, I’ve been wanting to create more WEARABLE YAY for you all to carry around reminders to seize your yay wherever you go. I am SO excited to finally launch our first ever jewellery pieces that we created with YAYborhood members, EL&RO Jewellery, to represent some of the most important facets of paving your pathYAY.

RADIANCE represents a wearable reminder to never let anyone dull your sparkle. No matter what or who life throws your way, you are radiant, worthy and more than enough.

TIDAL represents the undulating, non-linear nature of life and the natural rise and fall of our emotions and experiences. While we so often chase perfection and strive to avoid all flaws, TIDAL’s rippled surface is a reminder to accept and embrace the perfectly imperfect.

It’s taken much longer than we hoped due to the pandemic, but embracing unexpected twists and turns is part of our big message! On the bright side, you have one FULL week to purchase within Australia to make the Christmas cut off on Dec 18th and your items will be shipped direct from EL&RO to make sure they reach you on time (so will arrive separately to anything else you purchase on the store just for this week).

They come in gold and silver as well as individually or as a set – more details on the product pages which you can find HERE.

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