Q&A with Founder, Lauren Pell

April 2016


April is shaping up to be such an exciting month in the Wellness world and the beautiful Rachael Finch is guest starring more than a few times! I am absolutely honoured to be speaking at the inaugural Colour & Coconuts Wellness Festival on April 30th alongside some seriously incredible and inspiring women (see the list below) with Rachael recently announced as the festival’s hostess with the mostest. With the six speakers separated by a lunchtime sweat session with the gorgeous Steph Prem of Premium Performance and a Wellness Market showcasing some of our dearest friends (and our very own Matcha Maiden), also sponsored by Qantas and the Art Series Hotels who have got an amazing Wellbeing Weekend package on offer in honour of the festival, this could just be the hottest health hang to hit Melbourne (slash Australia) this year. I sat down with the beautiful Colour & Coconuts founder, Lauren Pell, to find out what she’s all about and how she turned her Wellness Festival dream into a reality!



1. Tell us a little bit about starting Colour & Coconuts and what the company is about?

I’ve always loved creating things. My background is in Production, working for the last 8 years as a TV Producer in Advertising. I loved my job as it allowed to me travel and work with some amazing people but I always had a burning passion for health & wellness. After starting a Health Instagram account in 2014 as a hobby to document my foodie adventures and tips for balancing work & health I soon realised this was my ‘why,’ And after a reflective trip to Byron Bay, Colour & Coconuts was born.

2. So you’re launching your first event at the end of the month in Melbourne, tell us about The Wellness Festival…

The Wellness Festival is an exclusive one day event featuring expert thinkers, achievers and influences. We have 6 amazing entrepreneurial speakers on board who will cover all things health, wellness, career, self-love, wealth and relationships.

Think it of as a health conference, meets business seminar, meets incredible wellness market, meets amazing music!

We want people to leave feeling nurtured and inspired. This is from the moment they are greeted with a fresh coconut on arrival, listening to the six speakers, exploring the wellness market and food trucks, to leaving with an abundant goodie bag.

3. What has been a highlight of your journey to date?

We recently hosted a little launch breaky at Kitty Burns which was super special. We brought together some of our favourite wellness, food and lifestyle bloggers to celebrate everything we had been working on up until that point The room was buzzing with energy and made us even more excited for the festival.

And Kitty Burns put on the most delicious spread:


4. Biggest challenges to running your own business?

It has been challenging organising all the different aspects of the festival, it means I’m wearing multiple hats all the time and jumping from job to job. As exciting as it is, all the hard work I’ve been putting in means it is difficult to switch off.

Sometimes I just need to remind myself to take some time off, and maintain that work-life balance and doing what I love. I need to practice what I preach! 

5. Who inspires you?

Wow, so many people. Each one of the 6 speakers at The Wellness Festival were women who all inspired me, which is why I want to share their incredible stories!

Each highly accomplished female speaker will each deliver something different and it will give individuals invaluable tools that they can bring into their everyday lives, to reach their full potential.

  • Sarah Wilson –  is a New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and is the director and founder of  ‘I Quit Sugar’
  • Lisa Messenger – the Founder & Editor in chief of the incredible Collective Hub and author of ‘Darling and Disruptive’ (the book that inspired me to create Colour & Coconuts).
  • Melissa Ambrosini – the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and self-love teacher. In her signature straight-talking style.
  • Julie Stevanja – founded and launched Stylerunner in 2012 as the first pureplay active wear aggregator globally.
  • Carla Oates – the Founder of The Beauty Chef and is a naturalist who is passionate about nature and the profound synergy we share with it. Named ‘The Skincare Innovator’ in Net-a-Porter’s The Edit magazine.
  • Sarah Holloway (meeee!) – Co Founder of Matcha Maiden and Fun-trepreneur



6. What can people hope to get out of The Wellness Festival?

If everyone can leave with one little life lesson, we would be oh so happy.

We hope people will leave feeling empowered and inspired, equipped with tangible tools to help them in an aspect of their work or life. Whether it might be taking your career or health to the next level, creating a valuable network with someone or the inspiration to make the jump and start up your own business.

7. So there’s also a Wellness Market as part of the festival?

The festival is being held at Lauren’s Hall. It is a beautiful venue with a vast amount of space. This meant we could host a Wellness Market.

In the stunning, light-filled front room, we will be hosting over 25 top food, health and beauty brands. These range from the likes of Pana Chocolate, Coco Swish, Greene St Juices and many more. It’s going to be amazing to have all these much-loved wellness brands all in the one place. It’s going to give off a fantastic vibe.

Think mini hand massages from Mukti, kombucha tastings from Extra Mile, mini consultations with the Luxton Clinic, tea samples from Matka and a gratitude and Root’d samples from Happy Melon, just to name a few. We are also having ‘blender bikes’ run by ClassPass which will be very entertaining.

Lauren’s Hall also boasts a large outdoor courtyard. There we will have a variety of healthy food trucks, like Combi (raw vegan donuts – yum!), St. Ali for your caffeine fix and Tokyo Tina dishing up delicious food, and many more.

8. What’s something people might not know about The Wellness Festival?

That it is very much open to girls, guys and people of all ages! The stories of our speakers are very universal, they come from all paths of life. So the speakers have something valuable for everyone, from those starting out their health or business journey, to people looking to take their next career step, or to someone looking to find more balance in their life. There’s something in it for everyone!


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Facebook: /colourandcoconuts



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