I’m sure you’re all aware of my transition from corporate law to the wonderful world of wellness and many of the flow-on effects it has had for my lifestyle. One of the more recent (and dramatic) revelation-turned-revolutions has been a significant shift in focus towards plant-based nutrition, especially since the opening of our plant-based café, Matcha Mylkbar, just over a year ago. At first, it was the gastronomical scientific challenge of creating plant-based dishes that were a decent match for their non-plant based equivalents in terms of nutrition, substance, flavour, texture and presentation that excited my inner fanatical foodie. But as our research went deeper, the greater focus became learning how to incorporate more plants into my own diet in a simple, sustainable way.

I hadn’t initially grasped the idea that nut milks were probably one of the easiest ways to quickly up my plant intake. I simply enjoyed discovering the creative ways you could use them when developing our various quirky plant-based lattes, smoothie bowls, ice creams and dressings. But I soon realised I could easily incorporate similar recipes into my own nutritional regime now that delicious, unsweetened plant-based milks are readily available for the regular consumer thanks to the wonderful team at Vitasoy. Being traditionally more of a food consumer than a food creator, I used to be overwhelmed by the effort of clean meal prep and complexity of some healthy recipes. But plant based milks make it especially simple – one of my favourite daily recipes made with #vitasoy unsweetened Almond Milk takes less than a minute.

Iced almond milk ombré matcha latte



All you need is your nut milk of choice, matcha, your sweetener of choice (we used rice malt syrup, hot water and ice cubes. Looks far fancier than it actually is – I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of ombré?

I’m a sucker for Almond Milk but also love Vitasoy’s Coconut Milk (and there are other variations in the range – it’s not all soy, if that’s not your piece of cake). I love starting the day with some kind of smoothie (see image below). Who knew that a delicious, creamy, morning bevvy was a way to increase your plant intake!? As if you wouldn’t want to give them a go!

Highly recommend adding some Vitasoy vitality to your day! Even if it’s only a few times a week or a small substitution, it can make a big difference. Try out the recipe above and let me know how you go!


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