As you may know, I’m very proud to be an ambassador for Lululemon – they are an incredible company to be involved with and I am so grateful to be inspired, supported and elevated by each and every lemon I have met. While Lulu is best known for its yoga apparel, it is less well known that their technical gear is far more versatile and expertly designed for other disciplines as well including, but not limited to, running.

For that reason, I was so delighted to hear that they have been named Run Melbourne‘s partner for this year (and next year as well), which will showcase this lesser known side of their incredible range. And, as if I wasn’t already excited enough about it just for the hard work I know has gone into the collaboration, I was also honoured and excited to be named one of five Run Melbourne x Lululemon ambassadors for this year’s pioneering #TheRunningTruth campaign, alongside paralympian Kelly Cartwright, technique coach Paul MacKinnon, F45 superstar Michael Ramsey and ultramarathoner extraordinaire Samantha Gash.

As you may also know, running is not my exercise of choice both because it doesn’t come naturally to me and because I haven’t learnt to savour it like others have. BUT, I am ALL about getting out of my comfort zone, especially in the fitness domain and even more so for a good cause with a bunch of people I adore. I was a Sole Motive ambassador for Run Melbourne last year for this reason and am delighted to be back again owning my discomfort and leading the “non-runners” pushing their boundaries to be part of the day. I love the campaign message #TheRunningTruth – everyone’s running truth is different from complete newbie to elite athlete.

Last year, I winged it and was SO proud to have run the whole 5km without stopping. This year, I’m sticking to 5km but have resolved to give it a more dedicated go. I was lucky enough to have a technique and training session with co-ambassador, Paul MacKinnon (aka The Balanced Runner) to get me started on the right track. I had no idea what to expect but I DEFINITELY didn’t expect to leave with a dramatically different style that was more efficient and…. wait for it…. maybe even ENJOYABLE!? One small change (with more to come, he promises) made the biggest difference and I can’t even imagine what else is to come. Check out the video below to see what happened!


Run Melbourne is on 30th July 2017 and we’ll be joining a series of running club training events in the lead up to. You can choose your own charity to run for and choose a distance of 5km, 10km or the half marathon. We’d love to see you there! More info can be found here.

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