How magnesium oil could change your life


If you’re anything like me (i.e. a fanatical health and wellness nut), you’ll be reasonably in tune with your body and fairly educated on the latest natural remedies to turn to when things aren’t feeling quite right. You’ll probably have also had all the tests, done all the research and tried every whiz bang therapy to throw the best of the best at your wellbeing and identify your particular strengths and weaknesses so you can tailor your regime appropriately. What if I told you, though, that there is something you could be missing without ever being able to test for a deficiency? And what if that un-identifiable deficiency was having a huge impact on your sleep quality, energy levels, sugar cravings, muscle recovery and the list goes on? Enter, magnesium oil – the miracle mineral you didn’t know you needed.

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Feeling like quite an advanced wellness warrior, you can imagine I was quite surprised when I first encountered Salt Lab Magnesium Spray and realised the answer to my lethargy quashing prayers was far more simple than I thought. I had been becoming increasingly frustrated with difficulty sleeping, an overactive nervous system and lengthy muscle recovery after workouts despite always eating well, exercising, meditating and “doing all the right things”. I had heard of magnesium supplements for sleep management, but had never really investigated further (and personally prefer not to take many powders/capsules/etc if I can help it). Especially in a spray form, I was a bit sceptical to begin but my curiosity encouraged me to try it nonetheless and I was amazed at the results.

Improved sleep did turn out to be the first noticeable change, which was an absolute godsend. Magnesium helps calm your body’s nervous system and relax your muscles, promoting a restful night’s sleep. But I also discovered its benefits for reducing cortisol, support thyroid function and improving insulin control meaning so helps counteract some of the side effects (i.e. sugar cravings) of my poor sleep quality. The surprise though was in muscle recovery – I have just been getting back into more rigorous training after a year or so of craziness with the businesses and was experiencing quite crippling soreness and stiffness. Applying magnesium oil after each workout can help reduce lactic acid and cortisol levels. Salt Lab can accelerate and aid recovery processes, working its magic in the body.

After my first application before jumping into bed one night, I did notice that the spray goes a bit gritty and clammy while you let it dry. So you might wonder why the insistence on a spray form rather than as a supplement. I have since found out that magnesium absorption in the digestive system can be between 20-55% meaning so much of it is lost as waste. By contrast, topical application through the skin absorbs much faster moving directly into the bloodstream. (I’d recommend wearing something loose over the top of the spray once it dries to keep your sheets from absorbing any.) You forget that the skin is our largest organ and that topical treatments can be far more effectively than consuming capsules or manipulating your diet to increase certain vitamin or mineral levels. Luckily, Salt Lab is here to save the day!



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