Samantha Gash // The boundary-breaking, country-crossing, community-connecting pocket rocket

As promised last week, this week’s guest is the beautiful second half of the greatest power couple going around. Hearing Mark’s incredible story you’d be forgiven for thinking it’d be impossible to find a worthy match, but my dear Samantha Gash is just that and more. After meeting each other through mutual obnoxious eagerness in our first year of law studies, we’ve had a beautiful and enduring relationship for over a decade seeing each other through many different adventures, phases and careers. She may be small in stature but she’s a big personality and even bigger inspiration to myself and many hundreds of thousands of others who her story has touched and it’s no surprise our chat goes well over an hour and even closer to two so buckle in!

Having united her early passions in a Performing Arts/Law degree, Sammy’s love for the extracurricular has been around a long time seeing her work in Texas on capital cases, in Indigenous communities throughout Australia and everything in between. Sport was never her strong point, and yet, in the first display of what has become a characteristic love for discomfort and challenge she randomly undertook the 100km Oxfam challenge and has never looked back. From there, she has continued to defy even our wildest imaginations leaving law to pursue her career as an elite ultra marathon runner and incredible public speaker starting by becoming the youngest person and first female to complete the four desert series – 4 x 250km races across the hottest, windiest, coldest and driest deserts in the world. She then ran 1968km across South Africa and 3253km across India both to raise awareness and funds for causes close to her heart. Nic and I have been so lucky to be part of her crew on a few different adventures as you’ll hear and she continues to open my mind every day. I could bang on forever but I’ll let her tell you the rest! Enjoy!!


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