I’m sure most of you have noticed that we spend a lot of time jet-setting around the place for work, which is something I always dreamed of being able to do and still get a thrill out of. It hasn’t always been in style, however, with the bootstrapping model of our businesses meaning we’re always conscious and careful of where our business expenses go. In that light, I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years figuring out the most efficient ways to organise our expenses and a few hacks to make that spending go further than just the transaction itself, especially in terms of travel. That research led us to the American Express Platinum Business Card and since we became Card Members last year, doing business has never borne more benefits.

I still can’t get my head around the fact that we went from using cards that simply provided a means of paying for things to using a card that rewards you for doing so (and that we didn’t reap any benefits from our first few years of spending). In business, you’re necessarily paying bills on the daily so why not get some travel benefits in the process? We’ve been fast-tracked into travel perks that I never knew were so accessible and that make our constant, fast-paced work travel so much smoother and more comfortable. I used to be that business person was always looking for an “adultier” adult to tell me how to do life, but this has helped us somewhat graduate into our professional selves.

Among the many benefits attached to your card, my favourite is undoubtedly the Membership Rewards points. I’ve always been a bit clued into airline loyalty programs, but never knew that American Express offers up to 2.25 Membership Rewards points per dollar compared to generally much lower rates. You can also redeem those points on 10 airline partners instead of limiting yourself to the one. Economy Class has always served me well, but I won’t say no to a points upgrade to Business (and a nap on a heavenly flat-bed) when it resulted purely from paying our bills and doing business as we would be doing otherwise. I didn’t ever think I’d fly Business Class, but it’s pretty flipping special – you should see kid-in-a-candy-store Sarah when we do upgrade (and I’ve-had-a-good-sleep-and-can-function-properly Sarah when I head straight into meetings or jobs off the plane).

On top of that, the airport experience itself has changed dramatically. With our Platinum Business Card, we have gained access to over 1,200 airport lounges across 130 countries, putting a delightful end to our working-on-the-floor-next-to-the-nearest-power-point routine. In the planning phase of travel, we also get access to Platinum Concierge, who can help arrange all the travel, lifestyle and dining aspects of your trip. We also now get special Card Member benefits at a spectacular list of Fine Hotels and Resorts, which means access to early check-ins, late check-outs, free breakfast and a whole heap of other perks. Finally, there’s Global Dining Collection, which is quite literally a collection of many of the world’s nicest restaurant. As a Card Member you get priority access to reserved Platinum tables. These are some of the more decadent benefits, that I’m slowly (and happily) getting used to using – you might have seen my recent Four Seasons stay with a hot date to Otto Restaurant.

If you’ve been waiting to hear the downside, I’m still wondering myself but it never actually comes. You’re spending money anyway, so why not make it work harder for you. If you’re a helpless wanderlust-er like myself, at work or in your personal life, I can’t recommend American Express Platinum Business Card membership more highly.

Check out the Amex website to find out more. Why do business without it?

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